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February 17, 2022

Improve efficiency and enhance safety at the construction site

Construction companies are always looking for ways to enhance additional safety for their employees and vehicles and equipment used at the construction site. When integrated with fleet management and telematics solutions, geofencing can be used in different ways.

The scope of using geofencing often depends on the industry, and in this article, we will cover the construction industry. As construction companies need to improve the safety and efficiency of their fleet, geofencing technology implemented as part of fleet management can be a solution to meeting safety goals and objectives at construction sites.

Geofencing as a part of the fleet management solution for the construction industry

Geofences are used for time tracking, job site monitoring, and ensuring additional safety of vehicles working on the construction sites and related to its projects.

Companies using some fleet tracking solutions may have a unique feature available to improve it: geofencing. Geofencing is a technological advancement in GPS fleet management that allows signals from a device to pinpoint that device’s location and draws a digital boundary to encircle the area. It’s almost like setting invisible stakes in the ground to keep construction equipment or vehicles in or out of a defined area. If you want to read more about geofencing in more detail, we already have a dedicated article for geofencing technology as a part of fleet management.

Improve safety on construction sites with Geofencing:

Draw barriers around the worksite or unsafe areas

On construction job sites, there are places where workers can and cannot drive. Some worksites may have designated areas where dangerous goods can be carted, or where weight restrictions are in effect. In other cases, different vehicles may require distinct paths to keep, for example, haul trucks separate from workers and pickup trucks. Geofencing can help differentiate those areas and ensure vehicles move within the proper zones or stay out of areas where they shouldn’t operate; especially if zones aren’t designated with signs. Managers can receive notifications about any vehicle that enters or leaves the virtual perimeter, having the exact time of how long the vehicle spent onsite or offsite.

Preventing any kind of authorized usage or theft

According to Rigspolitiet, The number of reported thefts from the country's construction sites increased markedly in the first three quarters of 2020. The industry association calls for more measures to keep the uninvited guests at a distance. By marking geographic areas, geofencing helps to prevent worksite accidents by tracking vehicles and ensuring operators remain in safe zones.

Alerts for vehicles running outside of working hours

If a fleet or asset moves out of the geofence, then fleet managers will receive immediate alerts to help them be informed and aware of any unauthorized activity with their fleet. With the received data on the location of the asset, a fleet manager can keep its finger on the puls and be ready to make a fast action.

How to increase the operational efficiency of your fleet?

  • Monitor your workforce better

    It's highly useful as a way for construction companies to ensure your team is on the right job site and to accurately track the time team members spend on jobs. By marking geographic areas, geofences prevent workplace accidents by tracking vehicles and ensuring that operators return to safe areas.

  • Utilization reports

Set up utilization reports to review any related events to the fleet and optimize vehicles usage based on them. For example, the fleet manager can review in/out events, timestamps, idling to evaluate the operational effectiveness of the fleet working on the specific construction site or overall.

  • Reporting

In some scenarios, having access to reports from a fleet working in the construction site is a necessity. Here we talk about any kind of request or uncertainty coming from the customer side, for example, when numbers and facts can be your main warrant. Thanks to set geofences and reporting options, the fleet manager can browse through a historical search to identify when the fleet was at the specific location and how long time is spent at the customer's location. At the same time, the fleet manager can use an option to schedule a report for visits to be shared with th customer.

With geofencing as a part of a fleet management solution like OBI+ Fleet companies can increase the operational effeciency of using vehicles and ensure that construction projects are delivered on time.

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