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November 30, 2021

Eco-driving as part of the green fleet management strategy

Green driving or the so-called eco-driving is a climate-friendly initiative that is of great importance in the fight against harmful CO2 emissions from vehicles.

These days, having good intentions to 'go green' is no longer enough, companies are now required to control their emissions, and there is constant pressure to reduce fuel costs (probably one of the highest costs for fleets). .

With the European target of 80% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050, environmentally friendly driving will play an important role throughout Europe. When working with the fleet management strategy, fleet owners place special emphasis on the moving part and the ways to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable, while at the same time making car consumption and driving as climate-friendly as possible.

What is green driving or eco-driving?

Eco-driving in its nutshell is a complex concept that includes aspects such as driving behavior, route selection, and all other choices or behaviors related to the vehicles' fuel consumption (eg use of fuel quality, use of air conditioning, (driving at peak hours) driving at peak times etc.)

What drivers can do to make their driving style different?

Better route planning

Dynamic route planning and route comparison as a new way to improve the use of vehicles.

In cases where you need to find the nearest available employee in seconds and navigate to the address where the job is to be performed. For day-to-day operations that depend on efficient planning, route optimization is an important factor in saving time and kilometers.

Preventive maintenance

New scheduling process for service and maintenance that replaces calendar and spreadsheet reminders.

Introduction of new service and maintenance plans in accordance with the expected use and utilization of the vehicle. Such schedules may vary based on tracked data parameters.

Adding drivers' internal controls on a weekly basis with an easy way to report issues to the administrator.

Get outside help from workshops with coordination in terms of service and maintenance. Plan to outsource tasks to get your service provider on board to help you and your employees.

Remote support

Remote support in unexpected situations.

Problems with vehicles can occur when traveling. Possibility to record a video of the problem and share it with the mechanic for help.

Often, future problems can be identified in good time if data on vehicle performance is shared with the workshop.

This can improve vehicle uptime and reduce repair costs.

Green transition when it comes to fleet management.

Make your fleet strategy green and sustainable.

As air pollution becomes a major concern globally, the concept of eco-driving becomes quite significant for drivers at all levels and companies that have vehicles in operation.

Therefore, the time has come to adapt your fleet management strategy according to the current green directions, reduce unnecessary car-related costs and ensure efficient driving.

Our objective is to help you achieve your green goals. We are here to assist you with the tools that help you implement your improved strategy. Contact us via email or chat to have a conversation about how your business can benefit from our solutions and digital services.

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