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February 8, 2022

What can companies achieve by using geofencing as part of a fleet management solution

Geofencing technology and a tool as a part of fleet management has a number of exceptional benefits for a business of any size with vehicles in operation: from transport and construction companies to cleaning and providing services. Used as a part of fleet management solution it can optimize the use of your vehicles, ensure an additional security to them, automate manual yard checks.

If you are looking for ways to manage and optimise a fleet of vehicles and related costs better, read this article, where we will explain what a geofence is and how it’s able to help in the vehicle management of your company.

What is Geofencing?

Geofence is a form of electronic fencing that notifies you when a vehicle leaves the predefined area. The system reports the device's GPS coordinates for the location. If the coordinates do not match the defined electronic enclosure, you will receive a notification about this.

Geofences are created using mapping software, which allows the user to draw the perimeter over the desired area, formed by a set of coordinates or a point that forms the center.

Combined with other telematics systems, this technology can be even more powerful.


Types of geofences used in fleet management

Several distinct kinds of geofences can be used for fleet management and created depending on the end goal:

Geofencing by Corridor. A common type of geofence that is used for fleet management. A corridor geofence creates a boundary along a specific road or group of roads. If a driver strays off the route, the fleet manager will be notified immediately. Circular Geofences. These geofences are for those who want to set a quick boundary for a single job, by selecting a point on the map and assigning a geofence size. This type of geofence is commonly used for assigning pickup/drop-off zones for deliveries, for example. Polygonal Geofences. Here, users are allowed to manually map out an area of interest and create geofences of any form and use different settings to work with them. Once the final point has been set the boundary of the geofence is filled in.

How does geofencing work in OBI+?

Are you looking for a smart solution that can help optimize the daily operation of vehicles and provide extra security? Regardless of the size of your fleet, you can optimize operational efficiency and improve the safety of vehicles with OBI + Fleet. OBI + Fleet is an easy-to-use fleet management solution for everyone in the company.

Click on the image below or use this link to watch out a quick video tutorial and find out how easy it is to set up a geofence in OBI + Fleet.

OBI+ Fleet Geofencing

What can be done with Geofencing as a part of a fleet management solution?

When integrated with fleet management and telematics solutions, geofences can be used in many ways. The scope of using geofencing often depends on the industry and its needs. For example, for construction companies looking to develop or enhance safety, geofencing is an important technology that needs to be implemented for safety goals and objectives on construction sites. By marking geographic areas, geofences prevent workplace accidents by tracking vehicles and ensuring operators return to safe zones.

Although each business can have its own unique need and way of using it, here are some examples of using geofencing and achievements with it:

Creating geographical zones

If your vehicles need to be in or out of certain areas at certain times, geofencing can alert you in real time if any of those rules have been broken. You just have to mark the desired area on our map with the easy drawing tool.

Defining zones or Territory allocation

Set the rules for each zone. In mandatory mode, vehicles must remain within the defined zone during the designated hours. In the prohibited mode, they must not enter the area. For example, a construction company has delivered vehicles to a new project. Fleet manager wants to ensure that all vehicles remain within the project’s territory at all times. For that he can create a zone around the perimeter of the city and set a mandatory zone. The alert is activated if any vehicle in the fleet leaves the specified area.

Time fence

You can decide when the geofence is active for the specific zone. You can create notifications based on work days, weekdays, or the start/end times of a shift. It’s all up to you.

Real-time alerts

If any geofence rule is broken, a notification alert will be sent to the platform, so the behavior can be immediately investigated and corrected, giving fleet managers/owners an additional element of control over your fleet.

How can geofencing be beneficial for any size and type of fleets?

More efficient use of vehicles

Improve the efficiency and visibility of your work vehicles. Eliminate downtime and maintain an overview. The movement of vehicles inside and outside the geofence will help fleet managers look at the correct and incorrect use of vehicles. At the same time, they can verify and ensure that employees follow the best routes to lower fuel costs.

Deliver better customer service

When dealing with deliveries, you can give your customer a more accurate and real estimate of the time remaining to fulfill the service; or in any case, to measure the time that your driver takes to make the delivery.

Prevention of an authorised usage

Theft in the transport industry is a daily problem, and fleets are forced to take measures for protecting their assets. By having the right technology in vehicles and trucks, theft can be prevented. If a fleet or asset moves out of the geofence, then fleet managers will receive immediate alerts to help them be informed and aware of any unauthorized activity with their fleet. With the received data on the location of the asset, a fleet manager can contact the authorities. Using the information provided, they will be able to quickly help in case of theft.

Reducing insurance costs

Unfortunately businesses can experience theft and other unusual events, no matter how big or small they are. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you know that such affordable vehicles can be costly. Setting up a wide amount of geofences around your fleet can give you better conditions and get lower insurance rates from your service provider.

Get started with geofencing today

Geofencing can be an important accomplice in any business to keep informed of all the movements of your vehicles and workers in real-time and improve company operational efficiency, meanwhile adding additional security to the fleet.

As a provider of digital and ready-to-use services, OBI+ offers a different set of solutions to expand your service portfolio. At OBI+, we try to bring down the barriers and make the services accessible.

If you are looking for something like OBI+ Fleet, a fleet management solution with Geofence as a part of it, don't hesitate to sign up on the website or write us to hear more on and see how it fits your business needs.

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