OBI+ Platform overview

It is a powerful platform designed to enable connected car services at scale. All a business needs to expand its portfolio quickly and cost-effectively.

Leverage links to data sources

Direct hardware-free link to major brands

Connecting to millions of vehicles through our partner network is already enabled for every single customer and partner eligible for it.

The OBI+ platform is taking care of all steps required for you to gain access to the vehicles, thus making it easier than ever to be connected.

Plug & play hardware and software

With more than 1+ billion older vehicles driving on the roads and the diversity of use cases, the need for additional hardware is present.

We have made the process of establishing the desired link to a vehicle truly plug & play. This includes both the required hardware and software to get connected in the fastest way and the supporting processes to enhance the data quality.

Be connected tomorrow

Suite of applications used by you, your customers, partners, or service providers

SaaS tools

In addition to the powerful platform, we are providing a set of software tools to support key processes for implementing, managing, and improving the operations of our partners.

Digital agreements

Agreements engine adapting to the service and use case

Business intelligence

A customisable BI setup to help keeping track and improving.

Subscription management

Adjustable subscriptions to adapt to the selected model and ease billing.

User management

Set user management on auto-pilot and interfere whenever required

In-product onboarding

Secure a great start for customers by utilising in-product onboarding flows

Smart assistant

Automation of administrative and reporting tasks to ease operations

Access management

Flexibility in administrating access grants to adapt to any structure.

Support overview

Having control of support operations when actions are necessary

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