One solution to simplify the vehicle related tasks

Save time. Improve efficiency. Easy to use.


Optimize your fleet

No matter the size of your fleet, you can use information that you never had before. It is time to utilize data that matters to increase cost savings and driver retention rates.

Increase productivity

Know where your vehicles are, whether they are moving or parked. Send over the closest driver to perform a job in the area. Access historical data about the utilization of the fleet and individual vehicles.

Receive more professional service

Better management of your assets through remote supervision and coordination of key events. 8 out of 10 employees forget to notify a manager about key car-related events (e.g. service/engine light on).

Increase the safety of your drivers

Get peace of mind by knowing that your drivers and vehicles are safe to drive. Have a guardian angel (your mechanic) that can translate any issues that occur in simple words.

Prevent unauthorized mobility

The service is definitely something for you If your goal is to reduce insurance and maintenance costs or to receive timely alerts and information about unauthorized usage of the vehicles.

Automate data entry

Eliminate manual mileage tracking to save time and increase the productivity of your drivers. Each driver or fleet manager can categorize the trips and add relevant notes.

Make repair and maintenance easy

Why complicate the administration of your vehicles when the professionals can help you in every step of the way?

Be contacted when key events like maintenances, inspections (syn), change of tires and others should be performed.

Your employees should not be held accountable for forgetting to share that the engine lamp is on.
Tire changes
Safer vehicles to drive
Communicate with your preferred garage at the right time.
Receive help in breakdowns

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