A complete fleet management solution

Fleet is a simple to use fleet management solution for everyone within the company. Have a full overview of your fleet of vehicles, forget about paperwork and let your employees be more efficient.

Connect any vehicle type with plug&play adapter or hardware-free

Connect your car, van, trailer or other vehicles to the Fleet service. We have made it easy to get started and take advantage of all relevant features.

Fleet web dashboard

Fleet management

Easy and simple fleet monitoring that gives you an overview of your fleet.

Automatic trip logging

All journeys are automatically tracked. Relevant information about departure/arrival, addresses, duration, length, and type of trip are available, also in a historical view.

Fleet statistics

The latest statistics about your fleet are always available. Get valuable insights about your fleet such as utilization, fuel consumption, and more.

Easy communication

Through the in-built chat you can be in contact with your service provider (e.g. mechanic). In this way, you will be always updated about important events that occur.

Personalized reports

You can enable relevant reports such as notification about overspeeding, driving logs, geofencing, or usage of the vehicles after working hours.


Create different geofences to be notified when vehicles enter or exit a certain area to keep track of the daily workflow or avoid unauthorized usage.

Driver app


Fleet by OBI+ is a simple to use solution to manage all vehicle-related tasks within your company. The service includes different applications for both administrators and employees. Fleet minimizes manual processes and makes sure that people focus on the important jobs to be done rather than wasting time. By choosing Fleet, you have multiple possibilities to take advantage of other services like coordination of repair and service maintenance by a preferred garage.
For Fleet to work, you need to have a device installed in each vehicle or a direct link to a car enabled. The device or car sends data to the different applications granted access to the relevant data. For example, location data is sent to the fleet web dashboard and driver mobile application, while technical data about the condition of the vehicle is shared with your preferred garage if you decided to work with one or more workshops.
The device can be installed at any of the garage partners for free or by yourself by following our step-by-step installation guide.
We are offering different pricing options to accommodate the need for each customer. Get started with a free trial.
Yes, you can try both the fleet service and driver mobile application for free. You should sign up here.
One of the unique features of Fleet is to read technical data regarding diagnostics remotely. In this way, your preferred garage can be notified whenever an issue with any of your vehicles occurs or a service maintenance interval is approaching. Having a preferred garage can save you or your employees a lot of time in coordinating these vehicle-related tasks. Your preferred garage can only see the technical data about your vehicles.
Yes, you can use all services without having a preferred garage. However, you cannot take advantage of all the benefits of letting go of the coordination of repair and maintenance tasks.
You can always add a preferred garage at a later point if you decide to.
You can drive everywhere in the European Union, Norway, and Switzerland without any issues. Please contact us if you have a specific request regarding other countries.
The company behind Fleet is called OBI Plus ApS. OBI+ is a technology company developing a platform for connected car services. Fleet and other services regarding connected vehicles are launched on the market with strong commercial partners with established knowledge about the automotive market.

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