At OBI Plus

We believe that great benefits can be unlocked by data. But we need to connect the fleets first...


Plug & play hardware

Plug & play car adapter that connects to any car, no matter make or model. It is a fully autonomous cellularly-enabled device.

Real time tracking

Overview of fleet data at any time. Statistics for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, distance, and much more.

Automated trip logging

Convenient vehicle profiles, journeys and information for each vehicle. No more guessing, but precise information.

Alerts management

Real time monitoring of all alerts that occur. This allows for normal fleet operation and increased security by detecting errors and exception conditions.

Access management

Authorise access to services, specific assets or number of assets. Manage asset related data and authorise users to gain access to it.

Integration ready

OBi Plus facilitates the efficient integration of vehicle data into new and existing applications via our suite of open APIs and mobile SDKs.


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