Develop and deploy applications for the connected vehicle.

Whether you are looking to simply connect to a vehicle or develop a service for a specific application, we have the tools and expertise to provide you with secure, scalable and simple solution.


OBI+Custom is our way of allowing every party with specific requirements towards a service to develop, run and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining infrastructure for connected vehicles.


We provide all necessary infrastructure resources including hardware, data management and API, so all you should think about is how to design the service that suits the business you operate or support.


    Receive advanced support from our support team at any stage of development. We are always ready to provide all the necessary documentation and assistance, so you can focus on what matters for your business.


    Complete freedom to decide what to include in the custom version. There are tons of applications and cases that the technology can be used for. However, you can be inspired by some of our already designed services and have your touch on what else to be included.


    Take advantage of your existing solutions, data and processes. Integrate our solution directly to existing systems and applications that your business is already running or planning to develop soon.


    From a single vehicle to thousands of vehicles with a solution built to scale. We are ready to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged in order to accommodate that growth.