On-Board Intelligence. Plus. More.

At OBI+, we provide innovative services for connected vehicles and fleets. Everything you require to launch your connected car service can be provided by a suite designed to enable connected car services at scale. The OBI+ platform provides a secure gateway to interact with a vehicle through the use of intelligent services that integrate to mobile and web applications. OBI+’s capabilities will continue to expand as we add new partners, extend the platform, and introduce more hardware devices and vehicle APIs ready to be connected to the platform.


We aim to be the leading provider of aftermarket infrastructure for connected vehicles. This means that we will be constantly adding integrations with new smart platforms, devices, and software. Our commitment is to make OBI+ more capable over time, and connected to the leading technology of tomorrow.




Two IoT enthusiasts and a brand new car with no internet connectivity. This is how OBI+ started at the end of 2015. Later on, they gathered a team of engineers, designers, advisors and serial entrepreneurs with an interest in the latest Internet of Things technologies and the future potential within the field.

Since then, the development process has gone through cycles of prototyping, testing, production, and a lot more. The official launch was in the beginning of 2017, and even though we are a startup, we dream big!