The advanced fleet monitoring.

OBI+ Fleet helps you to manage your fleet by collecting valuable data for the vehicles, drivers and context.


Have a real-time overview of your fleet at any point, on any device. With the option to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling our software to trigger a response when a vehicle enters or leaves a particular geographical area.


Average fuel consumption, CO2 emission tracking, expense tracking, and tens of other fleet statistics available with this service. It is time to utilize data that matters to reduce your fleet expenses.


Receive advanced timely alerts & notifications in regards to problems with your vehicles in order to avoid larger expenses or accidents due to malfunctions. Detect long-driving times in order to avoid fatigue.


Our service is running on any device and it is developed with the user in mind. However, you can choose to have data integrated to fit your business processes and ways of work or export data in a simple and fast way when you have to prepare a report.


Mileage tracking

Track the mileage when providing a lease or rental vehicle and receive timely notifications for exceeded mileage limits based on pre-defined conditions.

Up-to-date maintenance

Receive alerts fed by the advanced vehicle diagnostics software part of OBI+Fleet, which allows us to detects errors and faults as soon as these are recorded. No more waiting to go to a mechanic before you can spot a serious problem.

Unauthorized mobility

Prevent unauthorized usage of the vehicle in countries or regions where a vehicle is not permitted to access. This gives you the proof of such activity and the opportunity to act fast whenever necessary.

Trip logging

Automated data entry for trips done with a specific vehicle and the option to export the log through simple methods. Perfect for preparing reports for different authorities that request such logs.